about the artist

My name is Pam Slaats, I am a 28 year old self-taught pencil artist based in the Netherlands.

Creating art has always been a big part of my life. For me it is essential to express my feelings this way and let my creativity flow. I also experienced the healing power of creating art due to a period of illness in the past. Drawing became a great part of my healing process, as it helped me shifting from head to heart and seeing things from a different light. During that period of time my journey as a pencil artist began. 


I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of animals and nature. My love and gratitude for our beautiful Earth is the greatest inspiration for my artwork. 

When I'm drawing it feels like time is fading away. I can spend hours on the tiniest details and color variations. I forget about everything around me and I experience a heartfelt connection with the animal I'm drawing. I really love to capture the energy and colors that embody the true essence of my subject. For me it's a sort of meditation. Each drawing takes a lot of time and effort. Depending on the format and subject it varies from 20 to 100+ hours.



Through my art I aim to share the beauty and light of the magical world around us. Life on Earth in all its diversity is so dear to me. I’d love to spread the message to be kind to all forms of life and the planet we live on. I hope my art can contribute to raising consciousness for these important matters. To stay true to this vision I always aim to use recycled or eco-friendly material for my products and packaging. 


Besides being an artist I'm also working as a veterinary naturopath at my own practice 'Praktijk Melilotus'. In my practice I treat animals with all sorts of problems from a holistic perspective and with natural remedies. Seeing the animals thrive as a result of the healing power of nature brings me so much joy!


During my spare time I love spending time in nature; walking in the forest with my dear dog, enjoying the breeze and waves at the seaside or working in our small vegetable garden. 


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you leave feeling inspired!


With love,